Information on Residential HVAC Services

Vancouver, Washington enjoys a mild year-round climate. Winters seldom dip below freezing and summers have an average in the upper 70’s. However, with changes in temperature from day to day, there are many advantages to having an even temperature in your home or business year-round.

The average home or business find it advantageous to have an HVAC unit installed. This type of unit will assure an even amount of warm or cold air throughout the day.

We are happy to help our customers find a new HVAC unit that will fit their particular situation or make repairs to existing units. Having been in business for some years, we are well known for our expertise in the Vancouver, Washington HVAC world.

We provide the following services:

• Free inspection and recommendations.
• Expert technicians.
• Emergency services 24/7.
• High-quality products.
• Insured and bonded personnel.
• Reasonable prices.
• Installation and repair service.

Our 24/7 service is important to us, and we will quickly be on hand to make any repairs, regardless of the time of day or night, weekends or holidays. This provides you with the assurance that you will not be faced with a problem of being too hot or too cold and is especially important in homes where there may be an illness.

We offer new HVAC installation as well as Air Conditioner service and repair. Our new HVAC units are top of the line and are offered in a range of prices, which makes it possible to find a unit that will fit your budget. This allows you to have quality air at a reasonable price.

An HVAC unit comes with many parts, which must be maintained to assure you have the best air quality available. This is especially important if you have an ill person in the home or have daily customers in a business. Regardless of the situation, we will work hard to make sure your HVAC unit is working at its maximum ability.

No job is too small or too big for our HVAC experts. We will be happy to come to your home or business and discuss the type of unit or repairs needed to fill your particular needs. There is no charge for this consultation service. We guarantee all work and parts, which means you will receive only the best equipment and repairs available.

As a well-known Vancouver, Washington company, we are dedicated to providing high quality service to our customers. Give us a call today or visit and learn how to better your air quality.

Here Are Washington State’s Personal Injury Laws

Washington State Personal Injury Laws

Personal injury laws in Washington include money related pay for damage to a victim’s damages such as reputation or medical expenses. Often cases of personal injury in Washington include carelessness in vehicular impacts which can lead to the premise of liability if an individual is harmed or killed in the process. The following article will review a portion of the fundamental components of personal injury laws in Washington.


On the off chance that you need to make a claim for personal injury due to another driver’s negligence, you should demonstrate four components:

  • The at-fault party owed you a duty of care
  • The at-fault party breached their duty of care
  • The at-fault party’s breach of duty resulted in your injuries
  • You suffered damages as a result of your injuries


Similar Fault in Washington

There are situations where a harmed individual is somewhat at fault for their particular injuries. On the off chance that you share some level of blame for your injuries, the Washington law on personal injury applies an idea called the similar immaculate carelessness. This implies the damages you will recuperate will be diminished by a rate that is equivalent to your share of fault in the accident. For instance, if you recoup $10,000 and the judge or jury discovers that you are 20% to blame for the accident, your damage rewards will be valued at $8,000.

Strict Liability of Dog Attacks

Many states shield dog keepers from being at risk when their pets harm somebody for the first time, implying that they sensibly did not know the canine was dangerous. This is known as the one bite rule. However, in Washington, a canine owner is entirely at risk when their puppy harms somebody paying little respect to whether it is the first time or not.

Statute of Limitations

The window which you ought to file a claim is known as the statute of limitation. In Washington, the statute of limitation for making a personal injury claim is 3 years. In the event that you file a claim after three years, your case might be rejected, and you won’t get any remuneration.

No Damage Caps

A few states restrict the level of pay one can be granted for specific sorts of wounds. In Washington, there is not a maximum amount of injury grants. Truth be told, injury maximums are viewed as illegal in Washington.

If that you plan to file a personal injury claim against somebody who made you suffer injury, it is imperative to contact a Vancouver, WA personal injury lawyer from CCRS Law. Initially, your lawyer will assemble confirmation to demonstrate the negligence of the to blame party. Furthermore, your lawyer will exhortation you on the laws material in Washington and how to approach your case. At last, your lawyer will help you get an ideal harm grant by abusing the no damage cap law in Washington.

Nike’s Air Jordan Golf Shoe Releases Today

On February 6, Nike announced their new version of the famous Air Jordan sneaker, the Air Jordan I Golf Shoe. A tribute to the first Air Jordan which was released in the 1980’s, the shoe is the embodiment of a retro high top sneaker. Michael Jordan recalls the Air Jordan I saying, “The Air Jordan I was the first sneaker that really pushed the limits on what was acceptable. It’s like being a young kid, when his parents say he can’t do something but he wants to do it. I felt like I wanted to be different.”

The Air Jordan Golf shoe contains additional padding, something the original Air Jordan basketball shoe lacked. It also has spikes implemented into the bottom, a feature naturally different than a typical basketball shoe. The upper material is waterproof leather, Nike reassures consumers they don’t have to sacrifice dry comfort for style. The shoes are set to be released in three colorways: white, black/red, and a white and metallic combination.

You can purchase the Air Jordan Golf Shoe for $200 from and other retailers; the shoes are available today February 10th


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Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant Radiation Level Spikes Highest Since Nuclear Meltdowns In 2011

You may want to look at other options if you are planning on visiting Japan’s east coast.

Today a containment vessel located at the de-established Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant has reached radiation levels that are extremely dangerous, the Japan Times reports.

The radiation reading of 530 sieverts per hour means the radiation levels are at the highest level since the reactor experienced its three nuclear meltdowns in March 2011, near six years ago, and was among the deadliest accidents ever recorded in human history.

To give you an idea of how dangerous the radiation is currently, 530 sieverts is dangerous enough to kill people even after a mere brief exposure, making the containment resolution tough for the government and Tokyo Power Electric Company or TEPCO. 4 sieverts is enough to kill one in two people, and a 1 sievert reading is enough to result in hair loss and infertility, the Japan Times explains, citing the National Institute of Radiological Sciences.

Radiation experts have come to the consensus that the high readings are a result of escaped melted fuel.

The Fukushima No. 1 Nuclear Power Plant experienced three meltdowns and explosions after a Tsunami-caused earthquake shattered Japan’s eastern coast. The cleanup will take decades sources report.

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What You Should Do if Injured in a San Diego Accident

If you are injured in an accident in San Diego, California, it’s important to know about the personal injury laws so you can file a claim with the court. California, like the rest of the United States, has specific laws pertaining to personal injury.

There is a time limit for filing a lawsuit for personal injury in California. This is known as the statute of limitations. In San Diego and in the state of California as a whole, you have two years from the date of your injury to file a lawsuit with the court. If you don’t file within that two-year time frame, the court will refuse to hear your case. This means you will not receive any compensation for your injuries or any damages that you might have been due. If you are making a personal injury claim against a city, county or state government agency, you have an even shorter statute of limitations of only six months.

California has a rule known as “shared fault.” That means that you can actually be held partially responsible for your injuries and that, as a result, the compensation you receive in your lawsuit is reduced by the percentage you are found to be at fault. For example, if you are involved in a fender bender with another car that failed to yield the right of way at an intersection but you were driving over the speed limit, you could be found to be 10 percent at fault for the accident.

In other words, if you were suing for $10,000 and your shared fault responsibility is 10 percent, you would only receive $9,000 in compensation. Of course, if there is an insurance adjuster involved during your lawsuit, things can be different. You can receive even less money as a result.

There are also limits on injury damages you can collect in California. If you are involved in a car crash but don’t have insurance, you will not be able to recover non-economic pain and suffering damages, even if you are injured. This stands even if the other driver is completely at fault for the accident. However, if you are an uninsured driver who is involved in an accident with a driver found to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs and that person is convicted of a DUI, you can recover non-economic damages.

If you are injured in a car accident in San Diego and want to file a personal injury suit, visit today for a free legal consultation. By hiring a personal injury lawyer, you will drastically increase the chance at getting the maximum compensation for your injuries and other damages.

Are We Filing for Social Security Too Quickly?

These days, many people are living longer than they expect. There a significant amount of senior citizens in the 80’s and 90’s who are either in assisted living facilities or receiving regular home care. Many of these seasoned citizens didn’t expect to live past their late 60’s or early 70’s. This means that they may not have established a financial plan for this portion of their lives, and could have claimed Social Security too early.

According to Forbes, about two-fifths of all Americans receive retirement benefits around the age of 62. By doing so, many American pass up their chance to get 76% higher benefits by not waiting until they are 70 to claim retirement. Only 2% of Americans start claiming Social Security retirement once they turn 70.

Forbes asserts that there are three main reasons for this. The first reason is that many people are low on funds by the time they retire and needs to collect Social Security. The second reason is that Social Security tells the general public that whether we collect less money earlier or more money later, we’ll end up with the same amount on average. This is why many people don’t see the problem in collecting Social Security early. The third reason for early collection is superstition. Some people believe that by preparing for a longer life, they are asking for early death, and want to take advantage of their monetary benefits while they can.

This also indicates that there are three types of people who collect Social Security early: those who have no choice, those who are relying on and being misled by what Social Security indicates, and those who feel they are preparing for a short term future that may extend beyond their planning.

Social Security generally doesn’t account for the fact that many of its beneficiaries are now living into their mid to late 90s. Social Security also fails to realize that offering early collection date options is essentially like offering life insurance policies to senior citizens without explaining the policy clearly. When seniors forego their benefits for eight years or so to get higher benefits for the rest of their lives, this is similar to paying an insurance premium that results in more money when the senior citizen needs it.\

Overall, seniors should consider that overall living can be expensive. A fulfilling and functional life can sometimes include prescriptions, glasses, home health aids, hearing aids and dental care. These things are not covered by Medicare. In addition to Social Security offices, it is imperative for seniors to create a solid and sequential financial plan that will provide them with an excellent quality of life for years to come.

Truck Flips Over After Struck By Car Ontario

A truck and a car collide causing brutal damage to both vehicles, this all took place in Ontario just early Tuesday.

Ontario Police Department investigators report that there were multiple witness accounts of what happened during the incident.

A truck company supervisor claims that the truck was heading northbound on Cherry Avenue, and the car that was heading westbound on Slover Avenue ran a red light and struck the truck. The truck continued hauling northbound on Cherry before finally losing control and flipping over.

Local authorities state the truck was hauling freight but waited first to get the truck upright before revealing the what it was carrying.

The truck driver was taken to a local hospital suffering from minor injuries.

There was evidence of a small fuel leak which was able to be cleaned with an absorbent before it contaminated the drainage system.

The investigation is still ongoing according to local authorities.

If you or a loved one have been injured as a result of someone’s negligent driving, you may be eligible to receive legal compensation based on the severity of your injuries. It serves an enormous benefit to hiring a professional legal attorney to represent you like the complexity of California’s judicial system is something most citizens aren’t familiar with. You cannot hesitate, California’s statute of limitations states you are only given up to two years to file a claim against another person, this window is heavily reduced to a hasty six months if you plan on pursuing legal action against the state or any other government entity.

Visit here to learn more about California personal injury law.

A professional and experienced car accident attorney in Ontario from the offices Guldjian Law APC can help you get back on your feet after one of the most devastating events of your life. Let us deal with preying insurance companies who are immediately working on convincing you they can settle the incident under the table for as little as possible. Contact us today or visit this link to schedule your free legal consultation which will allow you to present us your case where we can then determine whether your case is compelling enough to convince a jury.

Protect Your Rights with a Torrance Car Accident Attorney

A car accident can have devastating consequences. In many instances, a person involved in a car accident ends up suffering from what prove to be significant injuries. A Torrance car attorney can best ensure that an injured person’s rights and interests fully are protected in the aftermath of an automobile accident.

Fighting an Insurance Company

Insurance companies are notorious for denying valid claims or proposing settlements that involve dollar amounts well below what which is justified in a particular case. An experienced Torrance car accident attorney knows what strategies to employ when facing down an insurance company.

Maximizing Necessary Compensation

The facts and circumstances of a particular case govern the types of compensation awarded to an injured person. The reality is that a skilled Torrance car accident attorney is equipped with the skills and experience needed to optimize compensation paid to an injured person.

Examples of the types of compensation an injured person may be entitled to in a particular case include:

  • medical bills
  • lost wages
  • pain and suffering
  • emotional distress

An injured person may be entitled not only to compensation for existing losses, but also those reasonably expected to be incurred in the future. A tenacious attorney understands how to make a case for current and future losses.

Filing and Pursuing a Personal Injury Lawsuit

Personal injury law in California is complex. Court procedures in civil lawsuits are complicated. An experienced Torrance car accident understands the ins and outs of applicable personal injury law. In addition, this type of attorney understands court procedures in persona injury cases.

For more information on how an attorney can help those injured in an accident visit

Retaining a Torrance Car Accident Lawyer

The first step in retaining the services of a Torrance car accident attorney is scheduling what is known as an initial consultation. At an initial consultation, a personal injury attorney makes a preliminary evaluation of a case.

As a general rule, an attorney does not charge a fee for representation in a Torrance car accident case unless a settlement or judgment is obtained in favor of a client. This type of arrangement is known as a contingency fee. The fee is a percentage of the amount of the settlement or judgment. The percentage is agreed to between the attorney and client before representation in a case commences.

What To Do After Being Involved in A Car Accident San Diego

Automobiles are today’s primary means of transportation, so it’s no surprise that car accidents are becoming a leading cause of death throughout America.  With the increasing population, crowded highway and street traffic result. The injuries commonly sustained as a result of severe car accidents can be devastating. That is why it’s essential you stay up to date with California law regarding car accidents, and remember professional legal assistance is always available if you have been involved in a car accidently recently.

Why Do I Need A Personal Injury Attorney?
Car accidents are almost always sudden and unexpected; the result is potentially life threatening injuries physically and emotionally. Sadly the time to seek legal action is almost immediately following your accident; you have up to two years to pursue a legal case in the state of California. This time is also one of the most, if not the most, difficult periods of a person’s life and completing such a complex affair should not be done alone, you owe it to yourself to hire professional and expert legal representation.

Visit here for further information on California’s statute of limitations

Selecting The Right Representation

A professional personal injury lawyer is able to review the specific details of your car accident and help you determine whether or not you should seek legal action as well as decide whether they are able to represent your case successfully in court. If a San Diego expert in personal injury like Yasmine Djawadian decides to represent your case she will work relentlessly to ensure the person held accountable gives legal compensation for the hardships you and your family have faced as a result of their negligence.

Yasmine Djawadian is a San Diego based attorney who is ready to lend her expertise to anyone who has been injured in an accident. She is an expert in the many areas of California personal injury laws pertinent to car accidents, and is able to lead her clients through the myriad issues that come up after an accident. She has a keen knowledge of the California laws pertaining to personal injury cases, wrongful death suits, slip and falls cases, and other related accidental injuries. It is her goal to bring every client’s case to a successful conclusion, and obtain the highest possible settlement level in every case she represents.
If you have been injured in a car accident and are in need of information and possible representation, please call the offices of Yasmine Djawadian APC for a free consultation today or click here to visit her website.

Here’s How A Mountain View Personal Injury Lawyer Can Help You After An Accident

Accidents happen. However, did you know that all states, including California, set specific limitations on the length of time a person has to take a case to the district courts and file a claim after the injury has occurred? Such laws are referred to as the statute of limitations and include varying deadlines that are dependent upon the type of case you are seeking to file.

The state of California statute of limitations regarding personal injury instances allows a personal injury victim two years from when the injury initially occurred, to bring their case to court and file suit against the parties at fault. You only have six months if filing against a city, county or California state government agency.
When considering a personal injury claim, it typically does not pay to wait. If you have suffered a personal injury and don’t present your case to the courts during the allotted two-year window, the court can, and will presumably, decline to review your case.

There are also California Shared Fault Laws that follows a “pure comparative negligence" rule. This means that some compensations you may have a right to collect shall be reduced by a predetermined amount that equals your degree of responsibility in the accident. It is also important to note that although court districts in California have an obligation to follow the “pure comparative negligence" rule for a personal injury case that goes to the legal proceedings’ phase. It may perhaps be particularly challenging if you are involved with a third-party insurance adjuster operating outside of the court system.

Many insurance adjusters have been known for highlighting the issue of California’s comparative negligence rule amidst settlement negotiations. However, you can present what the impact of that rule should be on your unique situation.

In short, personal injury claims can be challenging. A Mountain View personal injury attorney will work tirelessly to bring justice to those who suffer from personal injuries, and may not know how to obtain the compensation. They have a right to. A personal injury lawyer is well versed in the legalities of taking a case to trial, and will work on your behalf to win or settle your case so that you benefit at the end. Enlisting the aid of an attorney specializing in personal injury claims would undoubtedly be the best means of gaining the compensation you deserve when facing personal injury in California.