Orange County CA Business Outlook 2013

After reading the OC Small Business Outlook 2013 article I still don’t have a real good idea of what the overall business climate is for Orange County.  It seems some experts expect a continued drag on the OC economy caused by healthcare concerns, others feel it will begin to grow, while others believe it will remain flat.

However, I have to agree with Leila Mozaffari‘s comment “Small-business owners who are open to continuously examining and evolving their business model, practices, products, services and target customers tend to be more successful. For these small businesses, 2013 looks much rosier than for others.” because this is the real crux of any sustainable business.  As a business owner you must adapt to current business conditions in order to maintain and grow your business.  How many times have we seen “old” business models crumble, or new technologies making certain businesses obsolete?

No matter what type of business you operate, it is critical to adjust to market conditions and your competition.  One area that has greatly changed over the past few years is using the Internet to market to potential customers and clients.  Almost everyone goes online now days to find local businesses, products, or services.  A report showed that there are over 3 billion searches a month on Google alone.

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