Early Morning Car Accident Leaves 1 Dead Another Injured

A deadly crash occurred in Orange County during the early morning hours.  Two vehicles were merging off of the 57 freeway to the 22 freeway when they collided causing one of the vehicles to run off of the overpass and crash upside down on the roadway below.

Two men were trapped in the upside down vehicle until officers responding to the scene were able to free them.  One of the males died at the scene while the other was rushed to a nearby hospital and was in critical condition according to reports.

Police officers arrested a woman at the scene, but reports are unclear as to what she was charged with.  Police reported that speed and driving under the influence may have contributed to the accident and are investigating the cause of the accident.

Tragic accidents like this one occur much too often in the Orange County area.  California does have personal injury laws that protect individuals that have been harmed by another parties negligence.  It is important to talk with a top Orange County personal injury lawyer as soon as possible after an accident to ensure your legal rights are protected.