Nike’s Air Jordan Golf Shoe Releases Today

On February 6, Nike announced their new version of the famous Air Jordan sneaker, the Air Jordan I Golf Shoe. A tribute to the first Air Jordan which was released in the 1980’s, the shoe is the embodiment of a retro high top sneaker. Michael Jordan recalls the Air Jordan I saying, “The Air Jordan I was the first sneaker that really pushed the limits on what was acceptable. It’s like being a young kid, when his parents say he can’t do something but he wants to do it. I felt like I wanted to be different.”

The Air Jordan Golf shoe contains additional padding, something the original Air Jordan basketball shoe lacked. It also has spikes implemented into the bottom, a feature naturally different than a typical basketball shoe. The upper material is waterproof leather, Nike reassures consumers they don’t have to sacrifice dry comfort for style. The shoes are set to be released in three colorways: white, black/red, and a white and metallic combination.

You can purchase the Air Jordan Golf Shoe for $200 from and other retailers; the shoes are available today February 10th


Click here to view pictures of the new Air Jordan Golf Shoe