Summer Is Coming To An End…

Heating and air conditioning companies are typically busy in the Summer months installing and or repairing air conditioning systems.  To keep your home comfortable in the summer months it is always a good idea to have your air conditioning unit checked and to perform routine maintenance.

As Winter sets in its important to have your heating furnace or heat pump check to ensure it is functioning properly as well.  You don’t want to have Winter cold hit you and then realize your furnace isn’t working properly.  A local HVAC contractor can quickly check over your heating system to ensure it is working as it should and perform any furnace repairs that my be needed.

Spending a little time and money now could save you some very cold and miserable nights in the dead of Winter!

Here are a few things to consider when hiring a local HVAC contractor:

  • Ensure they are properly licensed in your state
  • Ensure they are insured properly according to state requirements
  • Check to see if they have received any complaints at the BBB or State Contractors Board
  • Look for reviews online to see what past clients have to say about them